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How many time bigger Benin is compare to Belgium?
What disease does Artemisia annua mainly protect us from?
Low-energy oven can reduce the amount of wood needed by how many percent?
Along with cooking time, what are the other two aspects positively impacted by low-energy ovens?
In how many days can Artemisia annua herbal tea cure malaria?
Which medicinal plant seen in this route has beneficial effects on respiratory tract infections?
When a person cooks meals over an open fire throughout the day, the equivalent of how many packs of cigarettes a day would they inhale?
Which of the following 3 fruits grows in Belgium AND Benin?
How many African associations are grouped within IDAY?
Which plant has been named "tree of the 21st century" by the United Nations?
Which of the following 3 school subjects is one of the subjects that can be studied through school gardens?
Which of the following vegetables is not a "fruit vegetable"?
Artemisia annua is a plant called:
How many school gardens established since 2011 have been supported by IDAY?
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