Support projects from IDAY’s members

The questioning of the authorities is also done through concrete actions, through projects proposed by the member associations of IDAY. These projects are validated and supported by the national coalition, complementary to the priorities of the authorities, sustainable and they aim to maximize the number of children and young people receiving a quality education per euro invested. They have a strong local socio-economic impact because of their nature. They are designed to meet local needs in an efficient way. As soon as the project efficiency is demonstrated, it is proposed to the local government so that it can be reproduced in other regions and by other members coalitions.

Find all of these projects in this section and support us to carry them out.


The school behind bars

Cameroon, Western Region
Project #20
Duration : 25 months
Beneficiaries : 200 minors aged 12 to 18 years old
Total budget : € 53 683
Outside financing sought : € 13 294