61. Training Centre in Information and Communication Technologies (TIC) students.


Training in numerical competence of pupils of Goma schools to facilitate their professional and social inclusion.

Duration: 12 months
Promoter: AVEVENA asbl
Beneficiaries: 1000 youngsters (600 pupils & 400 youngsters from Goma)
Total budget: 28.775 €
Outside Financing sought: 22.883 €

Country: DRC (Kivu, Goma)


The means are lacking locally to satisfy the passion of the youngsters in the region for all that concerns computerisation and new communication technologies. Numerous talents are lost since, according to the UNESCO 2016 report, 4 jobs out of 5 will soon require numerical proficiency.

Investments include: awareness raising campaigns with the community to explain the dangers and advantages of numeration ; preparation of the school directors and teachers to the integration of the computer courses in the curriculum ; setting up the training centres in the 6 pilot public schools; courses in computerisation associated with courses in hygiene, reproductive health and citizenship ; advocacy toward the government for the recognition and granting of the certificates to the successful students and to generalise the approach to all schools of the region.

Expected Results

After 12 months, 1000 youngsters (600 pupils from 6 schools and 400 youngsters from the out-of- school context) of which half girls and half boys, are trained and have obtained their certificate. The training centres become financially autonomous through the supply of services to the community in particular by the training given by former students you have achieved the certificate. The centre will also dispense paid computer services to the community (printing of documents, use of the computers to the teaching to adult members of the community outside school hours (evening courses).

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