66. Support to the improvement of education quality in rural post-conflict areas located in two provinces of Katanga


Improvement of education quality in rural areas of the territories of Nyunzu and Malemba Nkulu in Katanga with special attention to girls’ education.

Country: DRC
Duration: 12 months

Organisation : Secours d’urgence des Femmes au Développement (SUFD)
Direct Beneficiaries: 20 schools with 6 000 students
Total budget: 77 431 €
Outside Financing requested: 64 558 €

Country: DRC


Context :

Education quality has become a major preoccupation in Africa and for the international community. It has been demonstrated – and confirmed by the World Bank Development Report 2018 – that education conditions had deteriorated in a majority of African countries and the gender balance remained an issue.

Project :

In 20 test-schools, SUFD, in agreement with IDAY-KIVU DRC, proposes to raise awareness among parents, teachers and authorities on the advantages to school derelict persons, internally displaced ones and especially, girls. Information campaigns will be conducted with parents committees (COPA), teachers and authorities to make them aware of the advantages of education, in particular for girls to keep them in school until the end of secondary schooling. Voluntary parents will be trained to spread the good word, Sixty syllabus adapted to the specificity of the region will be distributed. Investments will include separate latrines for girls in the 20 schools and 10 schools will be supplied with sowing machines for the self-production of pads. The project also provides for an alarm system to warn the authorities of discriminations against girls and a communication programme to inform the population about the advantages of girl education. The project will also reinforce the organisational structure of SUFD and IDAY-KIVU-DRC to manage the project and its follow-up and to conduct advocacy campaigns. It will be subject to an independent evaluation.

Expected Results

The goal is to raise parents’ awareness to maintain their girls in school and make sure that school have the equipment to keep girls in school in the 20 establishments that will serve as tests to convince the authorities to spread the project to the whole of the far-out regions of Katanga Province. Girls will feel more secure in schools equipped with separate latrines and during the menstruation period with the pads produced with the 10 sowing machines put at their disposal at centralised places for ease of access. Education will be generally improved for 6 000 students by the improvement of the installations and teachers’ training as well as the advocacy campaigns to parents and authorities.

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