Project 82 – Project to strengthen the quality of education for 2,500 students in 10 schools in the Ruzizi Plain, Uvira Territory in South Kivu Province


Duration: 12 month
Project promoter : Radio ONDESE FM asbl
Beneficiaries : 2 500 children
Total budget : 31 896 €
External financing sought : 31 896 €

Country : DRC


The Ruzizi plain has suffered the full brunt of the various wars that have shaken this part of Uvira’s territory for more than ten years. The socio-economic infrastructures have been completely destroyed, among them, the schools in a state of disrepair or not fulfilling the necessary conditions to provide quality education. This situation has left thousands of children on the street and without education. While efforts are being made by the government and humanitarian NGOs to rehabilitate schools, the need for schooling for children remains enormous. The few operational schools in the Ruzizi Plain were under-equipped with an increased lack of teaching materials, with teachers often under-qualified and poorly trained, and students with no or under-supplied textbooks. These conditions do not allow students to benefit from quality education, which has a negative impact on their future.

Thus, through this project, Radio ONDESE FM asbl aims to improve the quality of education in the schools targeted by the project under three volets : firstly, to equip the targeted schools with teaching materials (textbooks and other teaching aids), then to equip the 2,500 pupils benefiting from the project with basic school kits and textbooks, and finally, to organize training and capacity building sessions for 100 teachers from the schools benefiting from the project, at a rate of 10 teachers per school. All these activities will be accompanied by the production of active-participatory programs and reports in which students will be asked to express themselves on their rights and the impact of the project activities in improving their education.


The objective of the project is to improve the quality of education in the 10 targeted schools in the Ruzizi plain. At the end of the 12 months of the project, we want to see 2,500 students equipped with basic school kits and textbooks and receive a quality education and thus improve the quality of their education, 10 schools equipped with basic teaching materials and 100 teachers trained and whose capacities are strengthened in the new active-participatory methodology.

Expected results

At the end of the realization of the project activities, we want to achieve the results suivants :

> 2,500 students equipped with basic school kits and textbooks receive quality education;

> 10 schools equipped with basic teaching materials and 100 teachers and professors trained and capable of the new active-participatory methodology ;

> 48 programs produced and broadcast at a rate of 4 programs per month.

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