Project 81 – School support for children in situations of prolonged displacement in Burundi


This project aims to carry out actions for the development of schooling for orphans and other vulnerable childre.

Duration : 12 months
Projects promoter : AssoResi
Beneficiaries : 1 125 children
Total budget : 54 381 €
External financing sought: 48 334 €

Pays concerné : Burundi


A long and devastating political and social war in 1993 resulted in 800,000 refugees and 500,000 internally displaced persons. In the displaced sites, the populations have been surviving for 27 years in all kinds of traumas: hunger, disease, ignorance, precarious housing and other indicators of misery and high vulnerability.

Since 26 April 2015 à Today, Burundi has been plunged once again into a political crisis with harmful consequences for human rights and the national and family economy. The education sector has been deeply affected, particularly the ability of internally displaced parents to continue to financially support the schooling of their children.

While Burundi is one of the poorest countries in the world, recurring periods of war and natural disasters further complicate the living conditions of the population. This painful context leads one to grasp the extent of the poverty of the Burundian population in general and the misery of the war-displaced in particular, especially children.

This project aims to carry out actions for the development of schooling for orphans and other vulnerable children living in IDP sites that have become permanent camps. These children still live in a state of extreme poverty, in the sites of the war-displaced in the communes of RUTEGAMA, KIGANDA and BUKEYE in the province of MURAMVYA. For the targeted children, education becomes the only source of hope for the future and the only possibility of future socio-economic and psychological integration once they have lost their human and material assets.



The project aims to ensure the schooling of children living in permanent camps in Burundi and therefore in a situation of additional vulnerability.


> Supporting affected children in schooling at the basic and post-basic levels;

> To ensure the pedagogical follow-up to the schoolchildren and students who are direct beneficiaries of the project through remedial and refresher courses at niveau.

Expected results

> 1,125 internally displaced children are enrolled in school with a complete school kit.

> The pedagogical follow-up of the direct beneficiaries of the project is ensured.

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