51. Quality education for all children of Nguigmi


In Niger, in 2012 less than 30% of the school-age children (aged 5 to 14) were in school (source: World Bank) In addition, those who attend school do not receive a quality education and do not acquire the necessary knowledge to continue their studies in secondary. Up to 2/3 even more of those who complete primaries do not master reading, writing and calculation. The rate of drop out is 90% of which 70% are girls.
Although the Nigerien government declares the effective gratuity of schooling up to age 16, this remains far from reality because parents need to continue to pay for school equipment.
The area is threatened by the Boko Haram group and school drop outs are obvious targets for the revolutionary propaganda of the extremist group.

Beneficiaries: 8 schools with 3209 pupils
Promoter: AIDN Association des Informaticiens pour le Développement du Niger
Duration: 24 months
Total Cost: 63 062 €
Outside financing sought: 55 437 €

Country: Niger (Zone North East)


General Objective
Contribute to the improvement of the education supply to in primary cycle in the commune of Nguigmi

Specific Objectives
> Supply 8 schools with school kits for levels CI to CM2.
> Ensure supervision of the school manuals supplied to the schools by the project.
> Follow the pupils’ curricula.
> Ensure the dissemination with the government of the project outcome to encourage it to extend the project in all zones of the project threatened by Boko-Haram
> Involve a group of youngsters to take over the action and ensure its sustainability
> Conduct advocacy campaigns at local national and international levels to promote quality education in these zones.

Expected Results

> 3209 pupils of primary leave school with the adequate reading, writing and calculation competences as fixed by national norms
> A group of youngsters is established to take over the project goals and with the government authorities ensure the sustainability and extension of the project in the whole area.

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