70. ADEV Project: promoting a quality environmental education and raising education quality in the forest area of Guinea


The project comprises the creation of school gardens with highly nutritious plants and Artemisia annua against malaria and other debilitating infectious diseases with the aim to improve education access and quality by cutting down absenteeism of students and teachers and raising children cognitive capacities. Investments are spread over 2 phases of 12 months each. The first concerns 2 schools with the following items : selection of schools and plants adapted to the area, land preparation, creation of the nurseries, training in the cultivation of delicate crops, their plantation preserving 10% of the land for the production of seed for the future schools, medical tests to verify the impact of the project on children’s health, community sensitisation to spread the knowledge of new useful plants to adjacent populations. Phase two comprises the same components for 7 more schools, followed by an independent evaluation and advocacy campaigns to encourage the government to scale-up the project to all schools of the country.

Duration: 24 months
Promotor: Réseau Emergence Guinée (REGUI)
Beneficiaries: 9 schools with 2700 pupils and 185 teachers
Total Budget: 80 796 €
Outside financing sought: 68 098 €

Country: Guinea (Conakry), Zone N’Zékoré

Expected Results

> 9 schools are equipped with a garden and a kitchen
> 2700 students (half girls, half boys) &185 teachers are protected against malaria and other tropical infectious diseases
> School absenteeism drops by at least 30%
> Medical costs of the school population drop by an average of 65%
> Scholastic results improve significantly namely as a result of the better cognitive capacities ofthe children and the introduction of more lively pedagogic practices
> Schools supply seed and young plants to the new schools
> The Government is invited to improve school access and quality nationwide by extending the project to all schools of the country
> School acceptability is raised in the local communities because of the school activities oriented to local needs.

The project will be implemented if possible in parallel with a similar project promoted by a ano- ther member of IDAY-Guinea (Project ADEV).

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