Projet 89 – Project of Malaria control in schools with Artemisia annua


Duration : 36 months
Project sponsor : IDAY-Congo-Brazzaville
Beneficiaries : 8 primary and 4 secondary schools, 8695 students and teachers
Total budget : 44 810
External funding sought : 44 810

Country : Congo-Brazzaville


In the Republic of Congo-Brazzaville, 45% of hospitalizations are due to malaria. This disease remains deadly and is officially treated with mosquito nets, early diagnosis tests and drugs. These means remain of uncertain effectiveness due to increasing resistance and are too expensive for a large part of the rural population. On the other hand, Artemisia annua has multiple effects (repellent, preventive and curative) not only against malaria but also against several tropical infectious diseases including intestinal infections (note that vermification in schools is one of the most efficient ways to fight against school drop-out). Artemisia annua also has the advantage that it can be planted by anyone and requires little space to care for a family. However, it should be noted that the need for developing countries is, first of all, to rely on the development tools inherent in the territory, to encourage the development of plant species that are included in natural medicines and that are compatible with climatic and geo-cultural hazards.

Children represent 80% of the world’s malaria victims. Their schooling is strongly affected by malaria. The diffusion of Artemisia annua in the schools of Congo-Brazzaville could curb this scourge.

In the first phase of this project, Artemisia annua will be tested in the gardens of 8 primary schools and 4 secondary schools to measure its effectiveness against malaria and several tropical infectious diseases and, consequently, its positive effect on school results. Hence the need to implement this large-scale project.


Improving students’ health with medicinal plants.

To introduce the cultivation of Artemisia annua to 8695 students, teachers, families, parents and gardeners who will specialize in the cultivation with a view to its subsequent dissemination to the general population.

Expected results

> Production of Artemisia annua to protect students and staff from malaria and other infectious diseases. Production of seeds, seedlings and cuttings for other interested schools and neighbouring farmers.

> Improved results and reduced dropout.

> Significant reduction in medical costs in the region.

> Production of natural extracts of Artemisia annua for sale at low prices to affected populations.

> Training of the members of IDAY-Congo-Brazzaville. They know how to sow and use the plant.

> Training of teaching staff in partner institutions.

> Awareness among health and education authorities of the added value of Artemisia annua for education and health and the need to disseminate its culture in schools.

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