35. (Poni Province) Self-management of a bicycle park and academic upgrading for distant and destitute pupils in Gaoua


Duration: 2 years
Promotor: Association of Working Children and Youth of Burkina Faso/ Poni
Beneficiaries: Bicycle rental: 30 (+ 5 each year)
School catch-up: 100 poor students
Total budget: 9.967 €
Outside financing sought: 7.402 €

Country : Burkina Faso (Poni province, Gaoua commune)


Background information
The province of Poni is among those of the country with the lowest enrolment rate, i.e. below the national average of 56%. The lack of financial resources to pay school fees, the lack of means of transport to cover long distances between schools and pupils’ places of residence, the lack of facilities in schools and the absence of a canteen in some schools explain this relatively high school absenteeism.

The AWCY, first with the help of the Yaguine & Fodé Message Fund and then of IDAY, facilitates access to the Poni Provincial School for 30 children living more than 5 km from the school by renting bicycles. These bicycles are loaned to students selected according to their distance from school, their family’s income level and their academic abilities. Having found that girls receiving this assistance did not improve their academic performance because their families used the time saved on the journey by imposing additional household chores on them, remedial classes were imposed on them, which were then extended to all the poor children in the school.

To directly support the maintenance of the bicycle park and extend it to other children, the AWCY proposes to generate income by selling fattened oxen.

More specifically, a person experienced in cattle fattening will be in charge of fattening beef purchased by the AWCY. These oxen will then be sold to generate income that will be redirected to the purchase and maintenance of bicycles and the payment of teachers giving remedial classes. The sale of these cattle will eventually ensure the project’s self-financing.

During the implementation of the project, the members of the AWCY will organize various events such as conferences in order to sensitize the government to this method of school reintegration and convince it to generalize the approach at the national level.



Contribute to increasing secondary school enrolment and completion rates in PONI province


> Support secondary school education in the first year for at least 30 disadvantaged children living far from school (more than 5 km) and 5 additional children each year through bicycle rental.
> Make the operation sustainable and self-financed by cattle fattening.
> The availability of a means of transport allows young beneficiaries of bicycles to participate in remedial classes and thus improve their academic performance.
> Increase the success rate among beneficiaries through remedial courses to make up for the delay in the volume of teaching hours.

Expected Results


> Increase in secondary school enrolment rates.
> Improvement of academic results through remedial classes.


During the first year of the project:
> 5 oxen stamped and sold for the purchase and maintenance of bicycles.
> At least 30 bicycles purchased and maintained rented to 30 students.
During the second year:
> 10 oxen will be stamped and sold to finance the purchase of additional bicycles

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