78. Project to support the improvement of the quality of basic education through the use of computers and Internet access in schools in Uvira (South Kivu)


This project will facilitate primary and secondary school students, in the social and commercial section, for their use of computers and internet to conduct research on various subjects asked by their teachers. Most of the students who attend these sections have difficulties working on their homework requiring internet research. Thus, CEAFPD, having a computer center, a cyber café and a diesel generator, is available to train the selected students to be able to do research on the internet and to have access to reliable information.

Duration: 12 months
Project sponsor : Centre d’Encadrement et d’Appui en Faveur des Personnes Démunies (CEAFPD)
Beneficiaries : 150 including 60 girls and 90 boys
Total budget : 20 216 €
External financing sought : 17 983 €

Country: DR Congo


In its implementation, the project will aim to :

1) Select participating schools (4 primary and 6 secondary). During this activity, contact will be made with the school authorities (coordination, sub-division, prefecture, management, parents’ committees) to explain the project and its relevance to computer literacy and Internet access.

2) Identify and raise awareness among the selected students in each of the 10 participating schools. This activity is importance in order to raise the target groups’ awareness of the contribution this project will make to their studies and to prepare them for university studies that require research. They will be selected according to a pre-established criteria established by the project. Concerning girls, who are marginalized categories in education, their needs will be taken into account during the identification and selection process.

3) Organize training sessions in computer and internet access, good citizenship, good governance, children’s rights, hygiene and reproductive health and non-violent conflict management. As, depending on the schools, classes are organized either in the morning or in the afternoon, the training program will adapt to this double timetable of the pupils targeted by the project. They will be supervised by three computer technicians under the supervision of the center director. However, the computer center and cyber café, which already exist, need reinforcement in computer equipment (laptops, computer tables, extension cords, rotors, internet connection cables…) to increase their capacity. Currently, the center has 8 computers, 1 multifunctional photocopier, 16 plastic chairs, 5 cane chairs, 2 wooden tables, 1 low-speed internet kit, 2 permanent staff.

4) Ensure the monitoring and evaluation of project activities. As monitoring is a permanent participatory process throughout the implementation of the project, it will be carried out by the director of the center and the supervisors, involving the target groups and IDAY-Kivu/DRC. As regards evaluation, a periodic process will be carried out at the mid-term and end of the project by IDAY Kivu/DRC with the involvement of the CEAFPD organization, the target groups and other project stakeholders (school authorities, political and administrative authorities, civil society, etc.).


150 students from 4 primary and 6 secondary schools in the city of Uvira will have access to computers and internet and improve their basic education.

Expected results

> 75 % of the targeted pupils in primary and secondary schools in the city of Uvira trained in computer science, other disciplines (good citizenship, good governance, children’s rights, hygiene and reproductive health, non-violent conflict management…) and in Internet navigation are able to conduct research on the Internet through the computer tool and behave as good citizens.

> The computer and internet center managed by CEAFPD is capable of providing quality training to participants thanks to the strengthening of its material capacity in computer and internet tools.

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