46. Improving quality education and health through fruit growing and malaria control in Togo


Many Togolese pupils are affected by malaria and malnutrition. Malnutrition is related to a large part to the lack of highly nutritious fruits and vegetables in their diet. These two factors strongly affect school attendance and the learning conditions of the students.

Duration: 6 years
Beneficiaries: 11 600
Promoter: IDAY-Togo
Total budget: 134.690€
External funding sought: 76.567€

Country: Togo


The project consists of three stages: growing of Artemisia annua crop and fruits trees in 10 pilot schools gardens. After the first two cycles, students organised in school clubs will share their expertise with minimum three other schools interested. Finally, the project will be advocated to the government in order to scale it up nationally.

General Objective
Improve access and the learning conditions in school through better health.

Specific Objectives
> Reduce school absenteeism caused by malaria through the use of Artemisia annua;
> Decrease malaria-related health costs through the use of Artemesia annua;
> Improve the quality of child nutrition;
> Improve the pupils’ schools performance;
> Train the pupils on malaria control techniques, agro-ecology, compost and recycling;
> Promote the Artemisia annua crop to the whole population.

Expected Results

> Considerable reduction in families’ health expenditures (related to malaria and malnutrition);
> Significant reduction in malaria incidences in primary schools;
> Reduction of at least 50% in absenteeism by pupils and teachers;
> Community management of the cultivation of Artemisia annua and fruit trees;
> Raise in the enrolment of girls and boys at school;
> Improvement of school performances;
> Diminution of environmental degradation thanks to recycling and agro-ecology;
> Greater sharing of information and best practices, research and innovative ideas from the youth to 
the local communities.

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