39. Improving access to IT tools for disadvantaged young people in Kinshasa


Duration: 12 months
Promotor: Coalition IDAY-DRC/ Kinshassa
Beneficiaries: Training component: 225 young people between the ages of 6 and 30
Total budget: € 30 383
Outside financing sought:€ 24 313

Country : Democratic Republic of Congo


Background information

From simple mail to computer-aided design, IT is nowadays at the heart of all competitive companies. Most trades require its use. To be competitive in the labour market, it is essential to master the basics. Informatics is also an essential tool for access to information and, by extension, for the exercise of citizenship.
While this is obvious in the West, it is not always the case for most African countries that do not integrate information and communication technology (ICT) education into the school curriculum.

Project description

Aware of the challenge, IDAY-DRC/Kinshasa designed the project “Improving access to IT tools for disadvantaged young people in Kinshasa”. The aim is to create a computer centre equipped with the latest modern technologies. This one will have a double vocation:
Computer training centre
The computer training centre is intended for vulnerable young people in the commune of Bumbu in Kinshasa. At a rate of 2 hours per day, 6 days/week for 4 weeks, they will be able to follow a training module in ICT (information and communication technologies) designed by two professional computer scientists who are aware of teaching techniques and who will be responsible for delivering the courses. The cost of the training for 1 month will be 10 USD per young person.
Each month, a group of 25 young people will be trained for 9 months (duration of the school year).
The cybercafé will provide computer services at democratic prices such as: internet access, binders, photocopies, scanners, prints, faxes, etc.
The centre will be managed by members of the IDAY-DRC/Kinshasa coalition. It will generate enough income to cover the financing of training and part of the functioning of the IDAY-DRC coalition from year 2.


> Strengthen the capacities of vulnerable young people in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
> Raise awareness among the government as well as primary and secondary schools, universities and local communities about the importance of ICT education for access to decent work.
> Generate operating revenues for the IDAY-DRC coalition.

Expected results

> 225 young people supervised by IDAY-RDC are trained in basic software (Word, Exel, Outlook, Internet) after one year.
> High rate of attendance at the centre for the use of multimedia services.
> After 1 year, the IDAY-DRC coalition receives a benefit that will be used in its advocacy activities for quality education for all in the DRC.
> Improving access to decent work for vulnerable young people in Kinshasa.
> Local authorities take into account the importance of ICT in basic education in Kinshasa and set up a long-term plan for the integration of the subject.

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