11. Community integration and education for orphans and destitue children in rural areas of Togo.


The A.N.G.E. by its existence, aims mainly at two main objectives:
1 Contribute to the fight against juvenile delinquency in Lomé;
2 Promote and protect the rights of the Togolese child.

The recovery of street children is often carried out through surveys designed to better understand the living conditions of children living on the streets in order to provide more effective and relevant follow-up. As part of these investigations, the association raises awareness and warns youth of the dangers of the street.
In addition, the purpose of these surveys is to support particularly endangered street children in order to protect them for possible family reintegration or social integration.
In parallel with these investigations, the association undertakes to look for host families or to welcome children in the event that reintegration into a family of origin proves impossible (orphaned children, categorical refusal of the family). The surveys also identify children for whom reintegration is not completed, which leads the association to frequent family visits and to continue to educate children living on the street.

Beneficiaries: At least 300 children from the street
Promoter: Les Amis pour une Nouvelle Génération des Enfants « A.N.G.E. »
Duration: 1 year
Total Cost: 31 761 €
Outside financing sought: 19 512 €

Country: Togo


Reintegration of children

Reintegration into the family is the best solution after recovery.
It permits :
> to improve the relational fabric of children within their family
> to develop the child’s social attitudes and abilities to solve problems
> to guarantee a framework allowing the needs of the first needs of the child to be taken into account
> create an appropriate supervision framework for the child

Reintegration is done through animation and awareness raising, which aims to:
> allow young people to experience an escape, a return to the carefree childhood
> educate the child by allowing him to participate in fun and educational activities adapted to his age
> facilitate reintegration into the family by offering him / her a common life time with other children and facilitators, educational activities, a framework of activities with rules
> educate families about the importance of parenting education to prevent juvenile delinquency.

Financial assistance is provided to families who do not have sufficient resources:
> Educational Assitance
> Health assistance
> Daily assistance

Schooling or training

As part of the reintegration of children, the A.N.G.E. provides individual and collective follow-up, both for children and their families. For this, it visits families, schools, training workshops in which the children of the association are registered.
On the other hand it intervenes by its competences and according to the difficulties, in the family environment, school, or professional.

Expected Results

> At least 300 street children under the age of 18 are affected;
> 150 children are reintegrated into families;
> 50 children are accommodated at the center;
> 150 children are in school, 50 children are placed in vocational training;
> Animation and socio-educational activities are carried out;
> Children and families are regularly monitored;
> The staff is trained.

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