72. Mtambani and Kiharaka sanitation Project


The need for good water and sanitation is widely recognized as an essential component of social and economic development. The provision of water supply and sanitation services addresses some of the most critical needs of people.
Duration : 18 mois
Promotor : Pathways Foundation for the Poor (PFP)
Beneficiaries : 3507 pupils and 1000 households
Total budget : 48 312 €
Outside Financing requested : 38 627 €
Cost/Direct beneficiary/year : 13,8 €

Country: Tanzania


In 2002, one-sixth (1.1 billion) of the world’s population lacked access to improved water supply, while more than two-fifths (2.6 billion) were without access to improved sanitation. In Africa alone, over 300 million people lack either sanitation or adequate water, and frequently both.

Bagamoyo District is facing huge setbacks on proper sanitation facilities in primary schools, which have resulted in increased diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery, typhoid and school absenteeism for girls during menstrual periods. Pathways Foundation for the Poor will adopt Uganda model in producing sanitary pads for the girls Mtambani and Kiharaka primary schools. PFP will ensure effective and sustainable School WASH (SWASH) activities are implemented under this project through participatory approaches that (1) acts in response to genuine demand, (2) builds capacity of teachers and pupils on positive behavioural change, (3) involves community members directly in all key decisions, (4) cultivates a sense of communal ownership of the project, and (5) uses appropriate technology that can be maintained at the school level.

General Objective
Improve hygiene and girls schooling in Bagamoyo District.

Specific Objectives
> Sensitise population and authorities to the problem of hygiene in school
> Construct special latrines and water supply facilities in 2 model schools
> Conduct gender sensitisation campaigns in schools
> Convince Government to generalise the model schools to the 14 schools that do not have special latrines in the district
> Reinforce the capacity of Pathways to get the district and national authorities to improve education in the country

Expected Results

> Ensured/promoted access to safe and affordable SWASH facilities through construction of School Latrines and water point structure for Mtambani and Kiharaka Primary Schools
> To conduct training and awareness rising on improving sanitation practices in school environment
Increased school attendance by pupils of Mtambani Primary School. The high incidence of waterborne diseases will be reduced and girls will have more privacy in maintaining hygiene during their menstrual periods.

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