Save the Date – IDAY evening in Flagey

A date to write in your agenda ! 01/12/2019

After touring the world with his show Un fou noir au pays des blancs and Je ne suis pas sorcier, Pie Tshibanda does us the honour of supporting the values of the IDAY network by offering us a tailor-made show. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, he will take us on his incredible journey to Europe, the difficulties he may have gone through when he arrived 20 years ago. As soon as he arrived in Europe, people patronised him, questioned his diplomas… He understands at this moment, that by crossing the Belgian border, he is no longer the esteemed intellectual he once was. He is now a “foreigner” who will have to find his place and prove himself.
Human and nuanced, Pie Tshibanda’s words touch us in the depths of our hearts. They highlight, with a sharp humour and refined intelligence, his vision of Europe and Africa, all on a very clear-sighted vision of the current global geo-political context.

We will also have the pleasure to be enchanted by a Gospel choir.

You cannot be one of us but still want to support our projects? BE 93 5230 8026 6767 (tax deduction from 40€) or Here

On the occasion of the evening, IDAY pays tribute to Yaguine and Fodé, two young Guineans found dead in the landing gear of a Sabena plane 20 years ago, and who inspired the creation of the network with their message.

The ticket office is open, book your seats now!

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Practical information

Show time 17:00
Buffet from 15:30
Location Studio 4 in Flagey
Price according to location 45-35-30€

Buffet snack and a drink +10€
Children’s entertainment (6 to 12 years old) 10€
Our sponsors for the evening
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