School gardens in Cameroon

IDAY and Enseignants sans Frontières Belgique have started a collaboration on a school garden project in 60 schools in Cameroon over a period of 3 years.
Thanks to the Turing Foundation, IDAY Cameroon is working in these schools to set up a garden with fruit, vegetables and medicinal plants so that schoolchildren have balanced meals.
In the first year, 6 schools are involved, 18 others in the second year and 36 more in the third year.
The role of Teachers Without Borders is to encourage teachers to use the vegetable garden as a place of learning (in mathematics, geometry, science, economics, history, languages,…).

The project started in December 2018, here are some news:

> 6 schools have started their vegetable gardens and received specific training on the cultivation of the Artemisia annua.

> Youth clubs have been formed: young people are aware of the benefits of the vegetable garden in their school and are committed to taking care of it, surrounded by teachers dedicated to the project as well as by parents from the community.

> The book Yanou a le palu was born. In order to raise awareness of the plant among children and their families, IDAY asked a Cameroonian author-illustrator, Vincent Nomo, to create a children’s book to be published in Cameroon by the Akoma Mba.

> Hearing with the Minister of Education (he holds the book ” Yanou a le palu ” in hand at the centre of the photo below) requested by IDAY Cameroon for the following impressions of the book to be handled by the country’s authorities. Enseignants sans Frontières Belgium were present as part of their support for the school garden project.

> Teachers Without Borders Belgium: two volunteer teachers conducted a first training in Yaoundé in August 19 to engage Cameroonian teachers to use the school garden in their classes to make pedagogy practical and lively.

> 18 new schools will soon receive the agricultural equipment to start their vegetable garden.

Following the next issue and congratulations for this project which is already producing very good results!

Project supported by Turing Foundation

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