School garden in Niger

A school garden project has started in Niger, thanks to the sale of Artemisia annua plants in May 2021, in Belgium.
3 schools in the Nguigmi region have set up a vegetable garden that will allow young people to grow medicinal and nutritious plants. An irrigation system with solar panels will be installed.
The school garden is a real way to educate students, teachers and the community about the need to eat a balanced diet and take care of their health.
These gardens also serve as a training ground for students and teachers and allow the community to benefit from the knowledge acquired. The school garden builds bridges between the school and the surrounding community through the exchange of experiences and knowledge. Students share with their families the knowledge they have gained from the school garden and promote the vitality of their entire community. These bridges improve the school’s acceptability to parents and encourage children to attend school.
>>> In 2021, within the framework of the project of improvement of education and health thanks to Artemisia annua in Sub-Saharan Africa, IDAY-Niger had organized a first training of two days on this plant in the elementary school of N’guigmi. Click here to know more about it
The City of Brussels and the Commune of Lasne participate in the project as well as Le Caria, a homework help association in the Marolles district of Brussels. The children of Le Caria and Nguigmi are connected through a WhatsApp group.

“Good evening, how are you?
Some pictures of our school garden in the bilingual school N’guigmi (Niger)”

“Great!! it grows well. For us it’s a bit complicated, the soil in our garden is not fertile and we have to plant in containers. The new trays arrive tomorrow.”

“I have the honor to share a photo taken at the moment of the school sabon carré/n’guimi. Implementation of the drilling for the Niger project.”

“Hello, my name is Carole and I am an animator at the Caria association located in Brussels.”

Examples of shares on the Whatsapp group
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