Sales of plants of Artemisia annua for the benefit of IDAY-Ivory Coast

This year, the profit from the sale of Artemisia plants will allow a school for deaf and hard of hearing children in Ivory Coast to start a school garden project.

This elementary school called “La Vigne” is located in Abidjan, in the commune of Anyama, and has 75 students including hearing and hearing impaired children.

The school also organizes a literacy and sewing workshop for 20 hearing impaired adults.

The project will include:
> The installation of the vegetable garden (tools, plants,…)
> A drip irrigation system
> An energy saving oven: the school already has a school canteen and offers meals to the students but the cooking method has to be improved to decrease the wood consumption.

To know more about the ecological school garden projects of the IDAY network, click here!

You too can support the diffusion of Artemisia in schools in Ivory Coast

How ? By buying one or more plants!

> Option A : a garden, a balcony? I order my plants and the profits go to a school garden in Ivory Coast.
> Option B : no need for plants for me. I offer them to a child in Ivory Coast.

1 plant = 10€ – Collection in Belgium at Braine L’Alleud, Grez Doiceau, Uccle or Antwerp between June 1st and 15th.

Email us at to reserve your plants!

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