The sale of Artemisia annua plants organized by the Secretariat of IDAY-International in Belgium will benefit this project. Place your order or donation starting  April 25, World Malaria Day !

Improvement of children’s health in the commune of Nguigmi in Niger through the creation of school gardens promoting the cultivation of medicinal plants and plants with high nutritional value.


WHO? IDAY-Niger, a coalition of 25 members of the civil society with an excellent knowledge of the field.

WHAT? Together, they have conceived a project to improve health through nutrition through the implementation of 4 school gardens.

WHERE? In the commune of Nguigmi (Diffa region)

WHO? The 2735 students of 4 elementary school


The school garden is a real way to sensitize students, teachers and the community to the need to have a balanced diet and to take care of their health.

A global approach (education, health, environment, community development) to fight against the cycle of school dropout and poverty, through a local solution: the ecological school garden.

The school garden serves as a training space for students and teachers and also allows the community to benefit from the knowledge acquired.  Indeed, the school garden builds bridges between the school and the surrounding community, through exchanges of experience and knowledge.

3 main themes are addressed to contribute to the improvement of attendance and academic results in schools

  • -> Improving the health of students and teachers in schools
  • -> Improving the quality of education in schools
  • -> Improving students’ and teachers’ knowledge of environmental issues

A complete manual (documents, links to videos, animations, etc…) is given to teachers and covers the different areas to be exploited through the school garden.


Thanks to the support of the Province of Brabant Wallon, the members of the IDAY-Niger coalition will receive a training on the cultivation of the medicinal plant Artemisia annua, a plant that prevents and cures malaria.

The sale of the Artemisia annua plants organized by the Secretariat of IDAY-International in Belgium will benefit this project.

Option A: a garden, a balcony? I order my plants and the profits go to a school garden in Niger.
Option B: I don’t need plants for myself. I offer them to a child in Niger.

1 plant = 10€ – Pick up in Belgium at Braine L’Alleud, Grez Doiceau, Uccle or Antwerp between June 1st and 15th.

I order plants to support the project in Niger


Students share what they learn in the school garden with their families and promote the vibrancy of their entire community. These bridges improve the acceptability of the school to parents and encourage children to attend school.

The students will develop technical skills that will benefit them in the event of a future professional vocation and will also serve families if they wish to engage in a home garden.

Yanou has malaria is an awareness book containing all the important information about growing Artemisia annua. It was produced by Vincent Nomo, a Cameroonian author and designer, and printed in Yaoundé. This book will also be distributed to the children of the 4 schools in Niger.

A school club will be set up: the elected students will be in charge of the follow-up of the project. The teacher will be invited to join the private Facebook group IDAY DUO for a Change in order to exchange with his colleagues who develop the same type of project in Africa. He will have access to the documents and videos regularly posted by IDAY-International about biodiversity, actions in favor of the planet, etc….

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