IDAY at Pairi Daiza

In July 2020, IDAY had the opportunity to install in Pairi Daiza a permanent didactic path in the 6 huts of the Beninese village replica on stilts. The trail allows visitors to learn more about the reasons that drive the network to develop vegetable gardens in schools. These allow the students and their families to be aware of the importance of a healthy diet, the virtues of medicinal plants to prevent disease, and eco-responsible actions such as the use of natural fertilizers or energy-saving ovens. The school garden is also a wonderful opportunity for teachers to make their subjects more practical and lively (in language classes, geometry, economics, etc.). Artemisia annua, the plant that prevents and cures malaria, has a special place as it decorates the village alleys.

Come and discover all this in detail by clicking here!

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