News from Togo supported by the Bossut Riders

Last September, 4 cyclists from Bossut cycled 1400km (from Belgium to Spain) for a project in Togo.
Thanks to the support of their families and friends, they raised 4416€.

Here is some news about the project.
The budget made it possible to support 3 schools in the Tsévié region (45′ north of Lomé): La Croissance school, Boloumodji school and Philadelphia school.
A project of Artemisia annua has been launched so that schools can cultivate this plant and consume it as a herbal tea to prevent malaria.
Access to water via a drinking water connection to bypass the problem of irregular rainfall has been installed in one of the schools. Contacts with the municipality are underway to provide access to water in the other 2 schools (public pipes must be installed to allow connection). This connection will allow them to solve the water problem in a sustainable way.

The 3 schools are also in contact with 3 Belgian schools as part of the project DUO for a Change.

The objective of the project is to raise awareness among young people on both continents of the climate challenges and to give them the tools to be actors of change.
They started by introducing themselves to each other, in particular by playing the game of “If I Were…”
The theme of biodiversity was addressed: what is biodiversity, what is the purpose of an ecosystem and what is it made of, how to protect it, etc…

The children discovered the subject, talked about the impact of bushfires, garbage collection, etc…
They decided to raise awareness in their community by organizing a regular waste collection at school and in the surrounding area.
With the collected plastics, they created necklaces.

The next step: they will create a Zero Waste calendar that will allow them to gradually implement different actions leading them to less consumption of packaged products. It will be a way for them to keep their commitment but also to raise awareness among their families and friends.

Long live global citizenship and solidarity!

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