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By: George Otieno njoki – National Coordinator of the Network in Kenya

It is true that IDAY as a network in Kenya has such an important and so crucial niche. It is about focus on marginalized education being present in those who need us most, the weak and vulnerable members of our society, and engage them in a collaborative way to come up with initiatives that not only transform their lives but also influence policies for sustainable change. The influence on policy change is through dialogue between authorities and social actors.
This year, IDAY-Kenya has accomplished the following in its range of activities:

Activity 1: Health and education
IDAY and Kenyatta University have renewed their partnership, giving the project a legal framework for international research on Artemisia annua, a powerful plant against malaria. Before this full research, IDAY-Kenya is pleased that the baseline survey for the Artemisia annua project has started. In collaboration with Kenyatta University, the team selected credible experts, including epidemiologists, entomologists and social scientists.
This baseline survey will collect data on the use of the plant in schools to highlight its impact on malaria, on intestinal worms and on education.

Activity 2: From isolation to organization – Domestic work project
IDAY-Kenya has so far established three ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) committees in three estates, namely: Eastleigh, Soweto and Kariobangi. These committees help a lot in enhancing justice for domestic workers who many times cannot afford a court oriented justice system. Cases being solved so far range from delayed salaries to physical abuse. This project will be supported by an international foundation in 2019.
Also, in partnership with Terres des Hommes NL, IDAY-Kenya is jointly fundraising for the project dubbed Protection and Training of Domestic Workers in Kenya and Uganda. A committee made up of both organizations has been set up. A concept note has been drafted and key stakeholders, including the Ministry of Labour, are involved in resource mobilization.

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