News from Benin

By: Osée Taouema – President of the network in Benin (original text in French)

The IDAY-Benin school garden project started at the end of 2018 on a high level. This project is being developed jointly by several coalition members and aims to extend good practices already tested in the north of the country to 15 schools. The official launch was made on November 17 by Kachore (NGO member of the coalition and partner of this project) in the city of Calavi by the President, Mr. Osée Taouema and the Honorary President of IDAY-Benin, Mr. Isifou Moussa.
In total, all 5 schools targeted in year 1 are currently preparing nurseries, some are already in the transplanting phase.

In parallel, on Wednesday, December 5, the President of IDAY-Benin met with the departmental head of malaria control, Dr. D’Almida Kemu Élise, who made a commitment to support the project for malaria testing of children in targeted schools. Medical tests will be carried out before and after the implementation of the project, in order to measure the impact of the actions undertaken.

The school garden project has a bright future ahead and IDAY’s image on the national level begins to take hold. Several local NGOs are joining IDAY-Benin. During the celebration on 16 June 2019, Artemisia annua will be honoured as the plant that saves the poor people of sub saharian Africa.

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