Annual event 2021: MADATREK at the Cultural Center of Uccle

Every year, IDAY-International organizes an annual event in autumn. After the success of the virtual presentation of the Madatrek documentary in November 2020, IDAY is happy to welcome you this year to discover another part of this extraordinary adventure…live this time!

> Discussion with Alexandre Poussin after the documentary
> Reservation: Centre Culturel d’Uccle (02 374 64 84 or via the website
> Bar and small catering before and after the screening to the benefit of IDAY
> Price: 25€ / 15€ for people under 26
> The Covid Safe Ticket is requested by the Centre Culturel d’Uccle. For more information, click here!

Alexandre and Sonia Poussin are also releasing a new book in preview for the Belgian public:

«After Africa Trek, here are the Poussins back on the long haul, this time with their two children, to walk around Madagascar.
Do you remember the Poussin couple and their long walk in Africa? They did it again with their two children, Philaé and Ulysse, aged 9 and 6, still on foot, accompanied by a zebu cart. This first volume covers their first 1,000 kilometers of the nearly 5,000 kilometers they have traveled in four years through a grandiose country that, despite its many riches, has become one of the poorest in the world. They cross bandit-infested areas, take on dizzying tracks, cross huge rivers while floating their carts and swimming their zebus, push their caravan through the swamps of the west coast among the baobabs, before reaching immaculate beaches… Beyond these adventures, they discover a deeply landlocked country and resilient populations fighting for their food survival. Their journey is strewn with pitfalls but it is also a hymn to happy sobriety, a refocusing of existence on simplicity, family life, curiosity, solidarity.»

Dedication by Alexandre Poussin after the screening.

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