Coalition Empowerment Initiative

As demonstrated by a series of activities implemented in recent years, the network is now deeply oriented toward empowerment and ownership by members. Supporting and encouraging the structural and financial empowerment of each coalition is both a necessity and a strategic axis of the network’s development plan.

The members of the IDAY network have identified many ways to reinforce their structural and financial autonomy. One of these tracks is the implementation of an income generating activity to cover the needs of the coalition: advocacy activities, etc.

After a first call for expression of interest in 2019, the IDAY Steering Committee launched a second call this year. In total, 5 applications were submitted. These were subject to a detailed analysis by the members of the Steering Committee and 3 of them were selected. These are the projects of Kenya, Senegal and the Central African Republic.

> IDAY-Kenya
The income generating activity (IGA) of the coalition is a groundnut processing project. This project is linked to a training center for domestic workers. It is really about completing an already existing infrastructure.

> IDAY-Senegal
The IGA of the coalition is based on the production and the manufacturing of poultry products (chickens, chicks, eggs, droppings).
It is a very promising sector of activity in Senegal due to the numerous religious and institutional celebrations that the country has.

> IDAY-Central African Republic
They propose an IGA of production of organic soaps which will allow to initiate the young girls and boys to entrepreneurship and which will create employment.

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