IDAY faces: Fraban Kamissoko

Fraban Kamissoko, President of IDAY Mali

My name is Fraban KAMISSOKO, I have been the President of the IDAY Mali coalition since 2018, a coalition that includes 12 grassroots associations and 3 NGOs.
Our coalition works to provide quality and inclusive education for all children and also contribute to the eradication of malaria through the cultivation of Artemisia annua.
We continue to expand our network to cover the entire national territory. As President, we have developed an action plan addressing the following themes: education, health and good governance.

I am also a programme coordinator at the NGO Partners for Rural Development (ONG-PDR) which hosts the headquarters of the IDAY Mali coalition.

Find us in Bamako District, Commune IV- Sebenikoro

Tel: 00 223 76119637/98507768
Social media: Facebook/IDAY Mali

IDAY faces: Many Essomba Olivier Guy Bertrand

Many Essomba Olivier Guy Bertrand, Deputy Secretary General of IDAY Cameroon

My name is Many Essomba Olivier Guy Bertrand, I am Deputy Secretary General of IDAY Cameroon, founding member and President of the Youth Active for Development and Progress.

I have been in charge of fundraising at IDAY Cameroon since its creation.

I have contributed to several projects for the coalition and my greatest achievement is the successful setting up of the project “School garden with artemisia annua“. This project is currently being implemented in three regions of Cameroon and has led to the creation of the Yanou a le palu booklet that we mentioned earlier in this publication.

At the moment I am also in the finalization phase of a project entitled “Save the child by giving him a birth certificate”.This project aims to give a chance to children marginalized because they don’t have their birth certificate.

The work is enormous in the context of the right to education and especially that of the girl child.
Another area of concern is that of minors deprived of their liberty. I can’t wait for all these projects to find funding in our Project Bank.


IDAY faces: Emmanuel Kusemererwa

Emmanuel Kusemerererwa, President of MATO association member of IDAY Uganda

My name is Emmanuel Kusemererwa 

I have been with IDAY for over ten years. I am education specialist, author, researcher, human rights activist, promoter of girls’ education, national facilitator of HIV/AIDS and life skills education. 

 I have been an active participant in IDAY activities particularly in the planting and use of Artemisia annua to cure malaria in schools and making re-usable and affordable sanitary pads in schools with poor communities on Mt. Rwenzori in Uganda. 

IDAY faces: Aïssatou Diouf

Aïssatou Diouf, Vice-President in charge of external relations IDAY Senegal

My name is Aïssatou Diouf, I am an English college teacher and for more than fifteen years I have been involved in activities to promote girls’ access to and retention in school.

I joined the Education for All (EPT) coalition in Senegal in 2003 when it was created. Currently I am a member of the board of the EPT / IDAY Senegal coalition.

Congratulations to all the women of IDAY International who honour the woman.

IDAY faces: Emmanuel Kazige

Emmanuel Kazige, member of the network IDAY DRC/Kivu

My name is Emmanuel Kazige, I have been the North Kivu focal point of the IDAY Coalition DRC/Kivu since 2018.
I have been working with the Association groupe des Hommes voués au développement intercommunautaire GHOVODI in DR Congo since 2002, based in Goma.

Since 2009, I have been coordinating several projects with various technical and financial partners in the provinces of North and South Kivu, including Save The Children International, World Bank, International Catholic Child Office, Doctors of the World France, Menengage, Collectif des organisations d’appui aux vulnérables du Grand Kivu, Panzi Foundation, etc.

From 2013 to 2018, I managed the Badilika project to support the creation, revitalization and functionality of youth clubs for social change in schools.

From 2016 to 2018, I coordinated a project for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence and to promote the health of women and girls in the Great Lakes region.

Since 2018, I have been coordinating the project for children and young people resilience with the financial and technical support of BICE.

I have also been an evaluator within three groups of organizations, for multi-sectoral projects aimed at reducing not only community vulnerability but also engaging men and boys on positive masculinity.
Finally, from 2017 to 2019, I conducted studies involving my organization GHOVODI and other actors of civil society protection with the objective of reaching the state of play on sexual exploitation of children and youth in North Kivu.

Find us in Goma : Quartier Katindo, Avenue du Lac, n° 005, Goma, RDC | Opposite side of the SNEL TMK

IDAY faces: Michel Tamo

Michel Tamo, General Secretary IDAY Cameroon

I am Michel Tamo, born on May 09, 1955 in Abong-Mbang in the East Cameroon region but I am from Batie in the West region.

My core organization is a union called the National Organization of P.E.S. Teachers (ONEEPS).

I am a founding member and the “Chair person”  of the National Executive Secretary (President) since 2005.

Within IDAY-Cameroon, I am founder and Secretary General…I have been the linchpin since the start.

I am now coordinating our first international project, project number 57 on improving nutrition and health with the culture of Artemisia annua in school gardens for quality education in Cameroon.

IDAY faces: Hawa Sidibe

Hawa Sidibe, President of IDAY Mauritania (RMEPT)

I am Mrs Hawa Sidibe, President of IDAY-Mauritania (Mauritanian Network Education for All), which brings together local NGOs active in the education sector in Mauritania. I am based in Nouakchott.

I am also a member of the Board of Directors of the IDAY-International network.

My association, of which I am President, is the Association for the Development and Promotion of Human Rights, created in 2007 and which has observer status with the African Union.  Our aim is to:

  • Contribute to harmonious and sustainable development in Mauritania
  • Protect the rights of women and children
  • Combat school drop-out and illiteracy
  • Promote human rights

Networking is essential to achieve progress in the right to education. This is why I am also a member of UNESCO’s Collective Consultation of Non-Governmental Organizations on Education for All (CCONG/EPT).

IDAY faces: John Muzee Rodina

John Muzee Rodina, Coordinator at IDAY DRC/Kivu

I am John Muzee Rodina. I am a technician in project development and management and I have been working at IDAY-DRC/KIVU since 2009. I am based in Uvira in South Kivu and Goma in North Kivu where I coordinate the activities of the IDAY-DRC/KIVU coalition.
I have been working for the Association AVEVENA Congo since 1999 when it was created in Runingu in the Ruzizi plain, chiefdom of Bafuliru in Uvira territory.
In this regard, I coordinated, in partnership with Save the Children UK Uvira branch, the awareness project on Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration of Children Associated with Armed Forces and Groups in the Ruzizi Plain from 2001 to 2007. Since 2010, I have been coordinating a project to provide schooling for children from vulnerable and disadvantaged families with the financial support of the Anne Frank Foundation Switzerland.
Between 2013 and 2015, I coordinated the project for the sustainable socio-economic reintegration of girls who had left the armed forces and groups with funding from the Virginia Gilder sleeve International Fund.
Finally, with the financial support of Enfance Tiers Monde, I coordinate the project for the social protection and reintegration of children born of rape and other Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC).

Find us on our Facebook page.

IDAY faces: Elisabeth Owiti

Elisabeth Owiti, Treasurer of IDAY Kenya

My name is Elizabeth Owiti from Kenya. I am an educationist and have supported initiatives to enhance access to quality basic education for all in Kenya for 10 years. I knew about IDAY International network when I was working with Daraja Civic Initiatives Forum but currently I work with Elimu Yetu Coalition. Both organizations are members of IDAY International Network.

If you are in Kenya, feel free to link up with IDAY Kenya.

IDAY faces: Portia Baffour

Portia Baffour, Secretary of IDAY Ghana

My name is Portia from Ghana. I have been a social worker for 10 years for the local NGO called Dream Hunt. I advocate for quality education for all. The NGO is a part of the IDAY-International network.
If you are in Ghana, you can link with IDAY-Ghana on Facebook

IDAY faces : Our president

Bernabé Ollo Kambou has been elected President of IDAY

Since March 2019, Bernabé Ollo Kambou, President of IDAY-Burkina-Faso, is the new President of IDAY-International network, a position he holds for a 2-year term.

With 15 years’ experience as a senior macro-economist with a specialization in economic analysis and international development, Mr Ollo Kambou currently coordinates the Economic and Social Observatory, the central structure of the Economic and Social Council of Burkina Faso. Combining both knowledge of the regional economic and financial environment and proximity to the structural and social development issues of sub-Saharan Africa, his experience, which is close to local needs, provides an opportunity for IDAY to renew itself.

Supported by a Board of Directors of 11 members (including 10 in Africa and 1 in Europe), the IDAY network is definitely anchored in the African continent. New perspectives, ambitions and working methodologies are emerging and offer the network the opportunity to pursue and revitalize existing partnerships or to open new collaborations with organizations active in the education sector in Africa.

The network welcomes its new President and supports him in his mission.

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  1. Emmanuel and his organization have been demonstrating leadership in children children rights promotion and their well being. I have witnessed his courage and dedication in that hostile environment…
    More support is needed to allow his organization to serve as a watchdog and continuing facilitating social change in communities they serve!

    Keep up the good work brother!

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