Back on the IDAY network in 2019

Thank you for accompanying us throughout 2019!
Your support allows us to initiate advocacy actions so that every African child and young person has the right to a quality education.  This advocacy is done through actions thought locally.

IDAY in 3 sentences:

> Our actions are carried out collectively by the members who compose the IDAY network in each country. The contribution of each member strengthens the projects;

> Together, these grassroots actors have more voice to enforce the right to a quality education and to encourage their local, regional and/or national authorities to take an interest in the actions they implement in response to the problems they have identified;

> The authorities are invited to draw inspiration from these local actions in order to multiply them on a larger scale.

This is the philosophy of the network for modern development actions.

To achieve this goal, here is an overview of some of our activities in 2019.
Local, national and international authorities are involved in all projects.
Follow the links to find out more!

General Assembly
Conakry March 2019

Yanou has malaria
Book publishing

School garden

Domestic workers

Mobile application
project follow-up in Kenya

Presentation video
discover the network

School garden

Seeds bank

Domestic workers

20 km of Brussels

School garden

Artemisia training
Rwanda and Burundi

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