IDAY at the EDD 2018

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6 June 2018 at 1pm

IDAY organised a Lab-Debate that showcased women and their role in development. The theme: Women contribution to raising development cooperation efficiency in Africa.
Public and private foreign aid are today recognized as failing to alleviate poverty in recipient countries. Donor and recipient countries’ processes are equally responsible with women among main victims. Involving them in a faulty process, will not help them. Protecting women’s rights, depends then on their capacity to improve foreign aid efficiency. Collective beneficiaries’ ownership through civil society participation in project design, implementation, follow-up and evaluation are key.
How can women lead the process with media support.
Speakers have experience in private philanthropy, public development aid and in communication. Their ideas were compared to selected proposals from 600 African organisations of the IDAY network interrogated beforehand as part of IDAY’s 10th anniversary.
IDAY has assembled an exceptional panel to animate this debate: Mrs Hauwa Ibrahim, Nigerian lawyer, Sakharov Prize 2005 and great advocate of education, Mrs Caroline Heider, Vice President of the World Bank, Mrs Hendrina Doroba, CEO of the Forum of African Women Educationalists, Heidi Hautala, European Parliamentarian,  and Mrs Assita Kanko writer, involved in promoting the participation of women of the African diaspora in Belgian politics.

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