Artemisia training in Mauritania and Ghana

Thanks to the support of the Province of Walloon Brabant (Belgium), IDAY-Mauritania and IDAY-Ghana organized in July and August 2020 a training on the cultivation of Artemisia annua (a plant used against malaria).

The training was an opportunity to :

> train the members of these 2 coalitions in the cultivation of the plant;

> invite local authorities in order to interest them in this effective and inexpensive way to prevent and cure malaria, namely: representatives of the Ministries of Health, Education and Agriculture.

Local NGOs + plant specialists from various backgrounds + involvement of local authorities to take the project further!

At the end of the training, the participants created a WhatsApp group in order to exchange about the evolution of the plant culture, fantastic but demanding.


IDAY-Ghana has 32 members, i.e. 32 local associations or NGOs. Together, they seek to create a society where all individuals, especially young people, have access to quality basic education without discrimination. Within the framework of this mission, health is an important aspect to be taken into account, especially with regard to the health of students. This is why IDAY-Ghana has decided to gather its members in order to train them in the cultivation of Artemisia annua, this medicinal plant which has the power to prevent and cure malaria as well as other tropical diseases which are a serious hindrance to education.

The training took place in a school, which allowed the students and the mandated teachers to benefit from the training and the nurseries carried out during the practical part.

The members came from different regions of Ghana to Tema (located 30km from the capital) and took the opportunity to hold their annual general assembly and establish their action plan for the year.

A few days after the training, seduced by the potential of the plant she discovered during the training, the representative of the Ministry of Health asked IDAY-Ghana to organize a training for the Ministry in order to encourage them to sensitize the communities on the use of the plant.

In addition to their recurrent and strong actions in favor of the environment, IDAY-Ghana will put the sensitization of communities and public authorities to Artemisia annua at the heart of their advocacy.

Live this training in 1 minute :


IDAY-Mauritania invited 10 of its 25 members to participate in the 3-day Artemisia training. A second training session was held inviting trained members to share the knowledge they had learned with other coalition members.

The training allowed a better empowerment of the beneficiary associations, with regard to the knowledge of the agricultural techniques of the plants of Artemisia annua and afra and the sustainable management of potential natural resources. It also allowed a better synergy between all the members of the RMEPT in order to prepare their common actions for the future.
Live this training in 1 minute :

With the support of La Province du Brabant Wallon

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