Encounters in Rwanda and DR Congo

The role of the Secrétariat

The secretariat of the IDAY network is located in Belgium.
It is the voice of the members of the network who, in Africa, develop their actions to improve the quality of education in their country.
Audrey Laviolette and Nathalie Schots had the opportunity to visit their colleagues in Rwanda and DR Congo and share these visits.

The strenght of the network

We met with 39 member associations of the IDAY network and partners.
The need for networking is obvious! What did we observe in practice?

> We have witnessed several times the transfer of information between members from the same country: one idea from one country inspires another. Capacity building is done by peers.

> The different skills of the members are used when preparing common issues (advocacy) or creating an alliance around a theme.

> The interest in exchanging views between coalitions from different countries also emerged: the coordinator of IDAY-DRC/Kivu accompanied us to Kigali and took part in exchanges concerning the formation of a trade union protecting the rights of domestic workers. These exchanges gave him concrete leads for the formation of a similar trade union in Kivu.

When the secretariat goes on the field, it is an opportunity to be inspired, understand, connect and come back even more determined than ever to support this network that brings together exceptional actors in the field!

Watch a video made during this visit.

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