News from Kivu

By: Jimmy Shoshi – Secretary of IDAY-DRC-Kivu

IDAY-Kivu/DRC is the active coalition in the eastern provinces of the DRC and currently has 40 members.
In the last few weeks, IDAY-Kivu/DRC has welcomed 2 new members.
ARVC (Rapid Disaster Victim Assistance) and SOSPHD (SOS Disabled Persons in Distress). After studying and evaluating their files, 2 visits to their offices were made by the IDAY-Kivu/DRC coordination team.

ARVC promotes education in 41 schools and health centres in Uvira. ARVC also conducts community outreach with parents, local leaders, traditional and religious leaders to end early marriage. ARVC also carries out psychosocial care, legal and judicial support for victims of early marriage, monitoring and documentation, vocational training and income-generating activities for victims of early marriage.

SOSPHD is involved in the promotion and protection of people with disabilities by combating discrimination against people with disabilities, including their access to education.

IDAY-Kivu/DRC, as an operational tool, is a springboard for local development, which brings together local communities, NGOs/asbls, Foundations … for their emergence.

IDAY-Kivu/DRC integrates, through the DUO for a Change project, its partner associations to raise awareness of the fight against malaria through the plant Artemisia annua by setting up two school gardens with 2 partner schools in Uvira, through the promotion of gender equality and advocacy, solidarity and development programs. Students, teachers and individuals already use Artemisia Annua‘s tea to fight malaria.

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