Creation of a seed bank of Artemisia annua in Burundi

We are extremely pleased to share with you what has been achieved through funding provided by the Foundation Croix du Sud to IDAY-Burundi from August 2018 to July 2019.
What was achieved during the project:

>  A seed bank of Artemisia annua has been established to ensure the development cycle of the antimalarial plant in Africa: the seed has been adapted to the African conditions and this bank will allow us to provide the IDAY network members in seeds and young plants so that they can start their own projects within schools and communities;

>  Some seeds and plants were brought to the Gisozi region in Burundi:
we have informed and train the population of the Gisozi region in Burundi on cultivation techniques, seed production and other benefits of the Artemisia annua;
we have sensitized farmers on the repellent effect of Artemisia annua against insect pests;
we have raised awareness in 5 schools in Gisozi province and the culture of the plant have started.

> In the frame of the project, we have also trained other members of the IDAY network in the culture of the Artemisia annua:

Both the creation of a seed bank adapted to the African soil and the training given to members of the IDAY network as well as access to the plant in schools are all factors favouring local management of a major health problem affecting the quality of education for African youth.
These various actions have also made it possible to raise awareness among the local authorities in the various provinces in which the action took place, a matter of central concern to the IDAY network: to create a constructive dialogue with the authorities so that they can be guided by local solutions and replicate them.

The agricultural engineer, Jean-Claude Murengerantwari, member of IDAY-Burundi, managed this project with a very high level of expertise. Congratulations to him for his commitment.

Training in Conakry (Guinea)

Training in Kigali (Rwanda)

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