Artemisia training in Goma DRC

Last August, IDAY-DRC Kivu organized, with the support of the Fondation Jean-François Peterbroeck, a training on the cultivation of Artemisia annua (plant used against malaria) for two local partner associations members of En Avant les Enfants.

The training was an opportunity to:

> train the teams of these two associations (INUKA and HAD);
> invite members of the IDAY-DRC network, i. e. local associations, to be trained in plant cultivation;
> invite the manager of the project health from Louvain-Cooperation, Barnabé MINANI to learn more about the subject;
> invite local authorities in order to catch their attention on this effective and inexpensive way to prevent and cure malaria, namely: the representative of the National Malaria Control Programme, representatives of the Goma and Karisimbi health zone, the representative of the civil society health component.

IDAY-RDC Kivu had invited Jean-Claude Murengerantwari (agricultural engineer from IDAY-Burundi) to give the training in the presence of Dr Patient Kaloma from the Maison de l’Artemisia and Pépin Shabani, agricultural engineer and project manager within COMEQUI (Belgian NGO active in development actions in Kivu and which develops Artemisia projects following its membership in the IDAY-RDC Kivu network).

Here is a fabulous cocktail that gave rise to a magnificent result: local NGOs + plant specialists from various backgrounds + involvement of local authorities to take the project further!

At the end of the training, the participants created a WhatsApp group to discuss the evolution of this fantastic but demanding plant.

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