African Women’s Day

On the occasion of the African Women’s Day, we, the African women of the network, wish to honor all those women who are committed, fighting and making their voices heard for quality education for all our children on the continent. Within our network, many women are committed and provide quality work.
Despite this commitment, women are still under-represented in the coordination offices of national coalitions, as well as on the IDAY Board of Directors (4 women for 7 men). This reality is experienced in most organizations.
To remedy this, we insist on the need to educate our girls, to guarantee them a school career as accessible as our boys. We invite young girls to have confidence in their abilities as actors, citizens, committed individuals and, in particular, in their ability to hold positions of responsibility within civil society organizations. Women, let us be proud of our qualities and resources!

Men can also participate in this change of mentality, by adopting attitudes that are more favorable to women’s development and by promoting their participation in decision-making bodies.

Education begins within the family. If our women are educated, they will transmit to children the values of a more egalitarian and harmonious society. The whole society can then transform itself.

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