African Continental Conference

SEN-Innovation, member of IDAY-Senegal, participated in the third African continental conference on the theme Education Technology & Curriculum Alignment in the New Era.

The conference was held in The Gambia from May 23 to 26, 2022 and was co-organized by the African Curriculum Association (AAC), the Organization for Educational Cooperation (OEC), the International Bureau of Education of UNESCO and the African Union (AU).

The conference brought together experts from education and civil society, development partners and research institutions, as well as representatives from the private sector and businesses from Africa and elsewhere.

19 resolutions and recommendations were developed in the following areas:
> Curriculum development, including implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and its constructive alignment
> Teacher capacity building through continuing professional development
> Technological innovation in teaching, learning and assessment
> Development of modified technologies for inclusive and balanced purposes
> Governance in education with a component on global citizenship and anti-corruption.

IDAY-Senegal will share the conclusions within the IDAY network in order to participate together in the reform of the school system in Africa and to take part in the collaborative platform set up.

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