A newborn already planting seeds…

Laurence and François are enlarging their family, congratulations! Conscious that they have everything to be happy, they would like to share their happiness with others.

IDAY supports local projects in Africa and encourages the authorities to take responsibility for their population. IDAY is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and the results of its actions show how important it is to support Africa through its people.

You can thus replace the amount of your gift by supporting a project in Benin: to start a vegetable garden in a school. In this vegetable garden, students will learn to grow vegetables and fruits, in order to have balanced meals, as well as medicinal plants. One of these plants is called Artemisia annua. It has been used by the Chinese for 2,000 years to treat malaria. Below, a short video of less than 2 minutes explaining the purpose of the plant and the philosophy behind it … a great way to make the premises independent, to improve the health and therefore the quality of education (children and teachers are less sick and therefore more often present at school). A low-consumption wood oven is also installed in the canteen to reduce deforestation.

And, best of all, Laurence, upon her return from maternity, will start the DUO for a Change project with this school: school twinning that allows Belgian and Beninese children to exchange ideas on different subjects: what are the actions in favor of the planet that everyone can apply in its context, what is the role of food on our health, what are the small actions that everyone can put in place to protect the environment, etc … Laurence will be in daily contact with this school … a good example of global solidarity!

For information:
2500€ = implementation of a school garden and kitchen
10€ = protect 3 families against malaria for life

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