In Conakry, IDAY held its General Assembly

A community of intelligence and commitment in the service of education… that is what the IDAY network is all about.
2 representatives from each of the 22 African member countries of the network met in Conakry, Guinea for the General Assembly of the network.

Why is this kind of meeting so important?

It allows:

✅ to exchange experiences in the field

✅ to work on themes related to our common point: improving the quality of education in Africa

✅ to establish common action strategies for different countries

Example: as part of the Health and Education programme, the network has put in place a working strategy to ensure that Artemisia annua, the plant that prevents and cures malaria, finally has a recognized place. The IDAY network, in addition to the spectacular results obtained in schools, is aware that scientific research to WHO standards is essential. During this GA, it was decided to set up a scientific council. The Council will be composed of African and international biologists, pharmacists, doctors, chemists, economists, agronomists and practitioners of Artemisia concerned to contribute to the development of these plants in Africa.

The General Assembly was the opportunity for the network to renew its Board of Directors. This event marked a turning point for the network because its Founding President, Jean-Jacques Schul, handed over the position of President to its members after 14 years of commitment.
The General Assembly offered Jean-Jacques Schul, founder and president of the IDAY network, the position of Honorary President of IDAY. The members of the network warmly thank Jean-Jacques for his dedication and passion for African civil society since the network’s launch in 2006. It is with energy and determination that the network will continue on the path set.

⭐️ We take this opportunity to announce that the IDAY network has renewed its Board of Directors. The list is available here

Bernabé Ollo Kambo, president of IDAY-Burkina-Faso, becomes the president of the IDAY-International network. Congratulations to him and his new CA!

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