How to support us?

Support IDAY

How to support us?

Are you a private individual?

You can support IDAY in different ways :

By a monthly or one-off donation or by subscribing to our WINWIN formula.
Go to our donation page


Propose us your ideas to raise funds, like Laurence did for the birth of Ernest or the cyclists of Bossut !!           



By running the 20km of Brussels with us !!
IDAY to the 20km of Brussels in 2018

By taking part in our events, such as our conferences, shows that you will find on our news page.

You represent a foundation

We are looking for both small funding for the Projects bank projects and the management of the Secretariat’s office and larger funding for the Regional Campaigns.

You can find more information on this subject by contacting us on 0032 (0)2 385 44 13 or by email at

You represent a compagny

Demonstrating an ethical and human commitment is not only essential for your company’s communication, it is also a long-term economic strategy. Partnering with IDAY is an excellent solution to achieve this, in addition to increasing your visibility among our many members and partners in Europe and Africa through our newsletters, brochures, emailing, social networks and website.


Offer financial assistance
or by monthly standing order,
or by a larger annual donation,
or by a one-off donation.

Offer help in kind
by offering your staff to help us to acquire know-how (skills patronage),
by providing us with logistical support …

Mobilise your organisation around a project
Are you looking to unite your staff around a single project?
choose one of our many actions in our Projects Bank

Améliorez notre visibilitéImprove our visibility
Does your organisation own a company newspaper, a television channel or any other communication medium?
Offer IDAY advertising space to stimulate donations.

Suggest a gesture of solidarity
to your customers and/or staff,
with identical goods or services, 71% of consumers prefer to acquire a brand that cooperates with an NGO.

So many other possibilities
we are looking for funding for mailings, quantity printing, plane tickets that allow us to follow our projects in the field, etc.