Environment in IDAY's actions

Environment in IDAY’s actions

The General Assembly of 2019 has seen the emergence of the environment theme, on the one hand through the solicitation of the coalition IDAY-Burkina Faso to integrate this dimension in the global strategy of the network, on the other hand through the presentation of actions or initiatives carried by members in terms of environmental protection in schools.

The impact of climate change is now global. Although it is the countries of the North that are the biggest polluters, the negative effects and their consequences on the lives of the populations are felt more in the countries of the South.

Moreover, sub-Saharan African countries are less equipped to deal with environmental issues: lack of state investment, a civil society that is still poorly mobilized or poorly organized, and the absence of programs to raise awareness of appropriate environmental protection behaviors.

The challenge is twofold for these countries: on the one hand, to cope with the changes in their immediate environment due to climate change (changes in seasons, increased droughts, desertification, destruction of local ecosystems) and pollution (illegal dumps, pipelines, wastewater management, etc.); on the other hand, to adapt the behavior of Africans in terms of environmental protection (waste management, recycling, deforestation, overexploitation of surface water and groundwater, poor farming methods, overgrazing, etc.)

The climate change threatens the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in their entirety and appears therefore for the IDAY network as an unavoidable thematic to contribute to, in complementarity and partnership with the active actors having an expertise.

The environmental education is a transversal theme of the IDAY projects. It can be found in particular in the regional campaigns Education and health, with the gardens and the school canteens and Domestic workers, with the sensitization to the environment in the framework of the training of the young people. There is a real will from the network that its activities are approached in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Read more

Among the projects of the Project Grant, some are specifically related to the environment, such as school gardens, solar lamps or low energy ovens.

You will find them in the Projects Bank by selecting the theme “Environment“.