How to give

You can make a bank transfer to our account: IBAN: BE 93 5230 8026 6767 – BIC: TRIOBEBB
or donate via our secure module using your credit card (In Belgium, tax deduction from 40€).

You can support IDAY with a monthly donation (amount of your choice) or with a single donation.

  • 10€ : protect 3 families against malaria for life
  • 100€ : training of a domestic worker for a year
  • 2500€ : implementation of a school garden and kitchen

The Belgian government has decided to help NGOs by increasing the tax reduction from 45% to 60% in 2020…take advantage of it!

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To thank you for your monthly donation, each month we send you a tasty and inexpensive recipe that will save you money (seasonal vegetables + meatless meals = savings).

Monthly donations allow us to plan our activities because we know we can count on you.

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