International Day of African Youth

International Day of the African Youth

Why June 16?

The Day of the African Child commemorates the student uprising of June 16, 1976 in Soweto, South Africa. At that time, students demonstrated against the poor quality of education they were receiving and demanded to be taught in their own languages. The African Union has designated June 16 as the International Day of the African Child. This day commemorates the courageous actions taken by these young people to defend their rights and the children of Africa in general. It calls for serious introspection and commitment to address the many challenges facing African children.

International Day of African Youth

IDAY is the acronym of International Day of African Youth, which is what our African network is about. To give this youth a hope, to respect its fundamental rights and to make its voice heard. Every year, the members of IDAY commemorate this event on the theme of the right to a quality education for all.

The IDAY network

On the occasion of the Day of the African Child, the coalitions of the IDAY network carry out advocacy actions in their respective countries according to their own priorities and thematic agendas.

They submit their demands and suggestions to the Ministries responsible for the right to a quality education for all, with a focus on the most vulnerable and neglected children and youth.

They seek to mobilize the public and the media to the maximum extent possible so as to encourage government authorities to take the necessary measures to promote basic education for all.

Each year, the African Union highlights a theme. This theme can be followed by the coalitions if it is in line with their priorities.

Convention on the Rights of the Child

This day is also an opportunity to recall the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is part of the international legal instruments for the guarantee and protection of Human Rights. Adopted in 1989, it aims to protect the rights of all children in the world through 54 articles that enshrine all civil and political rights of children, as well as all their economic, social and cultural rights.

This Convention enshrines 4 principles that must govern the implementation of all the rights it provides:
> Non-discrimination
> The best interests of the child
> The right to life, survival and development
> Respect for the views of the child

Celebrations within the network

Every year the IDAY coalitions celebrate the day of June 16 in different ways. Here are some images from the members of the network.