Raising voices for African Youth

An international network regrouping close to 600 African associations.


IDAY is an international non-profit organization created in 2008 at the request of several African civil associations. The view of ​​IDAY is to come together in an international network to act together for a common goal: quality education with respect for the rights of the child for all young Africans.

Common goal: education for all
280 000

Fund a project

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73. Support for the socio-professional reintegration of ex-combatants and other vulnerable children affected by wars
73. Support for the socio-professional reintegration of ex-combatants and other vulnerable children affected by wars
Duration: 9 months
Beneficiaries: 67 children and 200 households
Total budget: 17 378,87 €
Outside financing sought: 15 114,18 €
63. Promotion of quality education and improvement of health in schools through school gardens and canteens equipped with low-energy ovens
63. Promotion of quality education and improvement of health in schools through school gardens and canteens equipped with low-energy ovens
Ivory Coast
Duration: 12 months
Beneficiaries: 12 schools with 960 students and 90 teachers
Total budget: 83.146 €
Outside financing sought: 63.966 €

Who are we?

All children have the right to access quality basic education.
IDAY exists because too many African children and youth are still deprived of it.

Africa has the necessary resources to achieve it but a greater share needs to be allocated to education, health and basic amenities.
Local civil society has a leading role to play to support this change.
Constructive dialogue and trust between citizens and their authorities are key to successful development processes and respect of fundamentals rights. Aware of this, IDAY-network members lead advocacy campaigns towards their government for every child and youth in Africa to enjoy their right to free quality basic education.


Only a sustainable and constructive dialogue, including democratic control of the budgets allocated, can enable decision-makers to develop appropriate and legitimate long term solutions.


Exchange of experiences and good practices at a national and transnational level to promote successful initiatives and give international weight to the demands of national coalitions.


African civil society organizations have very relevant knowledge about the reality of the field. Donors must allocate their resources as a priority to encourage these efforts.


IDAY’s philosophy is inspired by the research and recommendations of eminent experts in development aid (anthropologists, economists, philosophers, etc.) who, since the beginning of the 1980s, have been thinking about efficient and respectful development cooperation.

For IDAY, modern philanthropy for development must encourage participatory democracy in Africa: there will be development in sub-Saharan Africa only if governments, civil society and the business sector act together.

The context in few figures

are dying from malaria each day
80 000 000
children and youth do not have access to
basic quality education
days worked per year for a child
domestic worker

Regional campaigns

The regional campaigns of IDAY bring together several coalitions around the same action, concerning common issues
countries and who have decided to solve them together.

Our regional campaigns

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Projects Bank

Advocacy with the authorities is also supported by concrete activities.
IDAY supports local projects initiated by African associations, integrated in their context and realised at the lowest cost. As soon as the project efficiency is demonstrated, it is proposed to the local government so that it can be reproduced in other regions and by other members’ coalitions.
IDAY develops many projects that are financed by private donations, browse all our projects and contribute to the development of local populations!

Join the network

The national coalitions of IDAY are all independent and autonomous. They are in charge of examining requests from new members. Becoming a member of the IDAY network implies investing in a collective dynamic and adhering to the very principles of the network, as reflected in the IDAY Charter. To join a coalition and know how to register, simply send your request to the corresponding national coalition via the Network & Contact page.

To create a national coalition in an African country where IDAY is not present the Belgian secretariat will take into account your request at info@iday.org and will announce it at the General Assemblies of the network. A minimum of five members is required to set up a coalition.

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