Project 1: Education and sensitization for child domestic workers

Country(ies) involved: Burundi Children and youngsters supported: 1000

A project to provide education to the invisible workers.


Country(ies): Burundi and Rwanda.
Children and youngsters supported: 1 000.
Budget: € 104 819.


In Kigali (Rwanda) and Bujumbura (Burundi), many youngsters aged 10-24 work as domestic helps in households. They are often orphan from at least one parent and come to the cities to escape harsh living conditions in the country side or find a job to support their family. Most of them haven’t completed primary school, some have even never been to school. They generally experience tough working conditions, without any recognition nor protection. Their basic rights are often violated.
The project aims at ensuring access to basic education and literacy to these children and youngster, but also to change the perception of Rwandese and Burundian society with regard to child domestic work and the rights of these children, in particular their right to quality basic education. Experience shows that giving training to these youngsters contributes to improving their self-esteem as well as the attitude of society and of their employers towards them, and as a result to bettering their living conditions as a whole.
Three training centers managed by the associations CLADHO (Kigali), CAD and SASD (Bujumbura) provide 1 000 child and young domestic workers with basic education (literacy skills – reading, writing, numeracy), training in health, economic rights, citizenry and peace, as well as vocational training in language, culinary arts or bakery. The curriculum and the schedule are adapted to the needs of these youngsters, a majority of whom can only get 2 hours a day of free time from their work to attend class.
Public awareness and advocacy towards the administrative and political authorities are also carried out to improve the perception of domestic work and encourage the authorities to take over and extend these training opportunities to reach out to all young domestic workers in Burundi and Rwanda.

Expected results
– 1 000 young domestic workers are trained and receive a certificate.
– The living conditions of these youngsters are improved and their rights are respected.
– The social perception of domestic work is improved, starting among the employers of the youngsters who attend the training.
– The authorities accept to take care of at least part of the training programmes’ costs.
– The authorities make steps to extend these training opportunities to reach out to all young domestic workers in Burundi and Rwanda.

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