Project 52: Legal and judiciary assistance to domestic workers

Country(ies) involved: DRCKivu Children and youngsters supported: 45

Guarantee legal and judiciary assistance to domestic workers who have been victim of abuses and continuation of the advocacy campaigns for the recognition of these workers in the labour laws.

Country: DRC, South Kivu, Areas of Uvira & Fizi
Beneficiairies: 45 domestic workers; Indirect through advocacy campaigns : 12 600 community members & 6 300 leaders of the targeted areas
Budget: € 60 610


IDAY is finalising the first phase of an identification project on issues related to domestic work in East Africa, estimating their number, their socio-economic characteristics, their needs in terms of labour laws, and their training needs to make them full fledge professionals and the abuses against them. An advocacy campaign is ongoing to obtain their recognition by the government. A large number (up to 95%) are victims of abuses of all kinds, while they do not have the means to defend their basic rights because of lack of resources and undue pressures.
ADMOC & IDAY-Kivu have created a Consultation Framework with the official authorities to encourage domestic workers to denounce the abuses. Two ADMOC lawyers will be assisted to provide legal and judiciary assistance to the victims who would continue to be threatened. The project will last 36 months to ensure the finalisation of the legal acts. The project also comprises an advocacy component to raise awareness about the existence of the recourse and encourage the population and the employers to respect the basic rights of these workers and make progress regarding their social protection like for any other profession.

Expected results

– 45 domestic workers will be protected and the harm compensated through legal action

– Domestic workers’ labour laws will have progressed and in particular 189 of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) ratified by the DRC Government

– The public at large (+/- 12 600), the employers and local authorities (+/- 6 300) will have been made aware to the necessity to treat domestic wokers like any other professionals


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