Project 5: Girls Education Project

Country(ies) involved: Uganda Children and youngsters supported: 210000

Improving menstruation management to prevent girls from dropping out of school

Country(ies): Uganda.
Children and youngsters supported: 210 000.
Budget: € 13 600.

projet 5

In some remote areas of Uganda, girls often drop out of school as soon as they get their menstruations. Several factors explain this phenomenon. Many girls can’t afford to manage their menstruations properly and are therefore exposed to infections but also to mockery from their classmates, which in turns often leads them to miss class for a few days. Menstrual pain can also cause regular absenteeism among the girls, which negatively impacts their academic performance. Last but not least, local myths and traditions related to girls’ menstruations put many of them at risk of early marriage and pregnancy and of being forced to drop out of school. The Ugandan Ministry of Education provides all schools with a budget to cater for sanitary equipment, but it is highly insufficient especially with regards to the cost of industrial sanitary pads. Moreover, nothing is foreseen to sensitize the pupils (girls and boys), the teachers and the parents on menstruations management and protection of the girl child.

The project aims at tackling menstruation-related school drop-out among girls in the Kasese and Bundibugyo districts, Western Uganda. It comprises two series of activities: first, promote the local production of affordable and reusable sanitary pads; second dispel the misconceptions and stigma that surround menstruations by sensitizing the teachers and the pupils to what they mean and how to manage them. For a multiplier effect, the project will be carried out through the teachers training centers and lead teachers in the schools of the 2 districts.

Expected results
– 4 600 student primary teachers, 147 head teachers and 147 senior woman teachers in Kasese and Bundibugyo districts are trained on menstruations management and production of reusable sanitary pads.
– 210 000 primary school pupils are sensitized and informed on menstruations management and related health and sexual reproduction issues.
– The girls are more self-confident and are empowered to fight for their right to education.
– Reduction of the school drop-out rate among girls during the primary cycle of education.
– Increased completion rate of the primary cycle of education.

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