Project 48: Improving the quality of education with Artemisia annua

Country(ies) involved: DRCKinshasa Children and youngsters supported: 6725

Combatting malaria in schools with Artemisia annua to improve the academic performance of the pupils

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo
Children and youngsters supported: 6 725
Budget: € 3 390

Malaria is a significant burden for quality education in the Kigoma region as in other areas located near lakes in Africa: repeated absenteeism (teachers and pupils alike), lower concentration capacities for sick pupils, lower cognitive capacities for children victim of several malaria crisis in their young age, high health expenses at the expense of education-related investments, etc.. The conventional drugs are inaccessible to a large section of the population due to their high cost and problems of availability.

The goal of the project is to contribute to improving academic performance. To this end, it intends to combat malaria with the use of Artemisia annua – known to be more efficient and less expensive than classical medical treatments.

The project consists in initiating the cultivation of Artemisia annua alongside some highly nutritious crops in 4 schools and university gardens of the municipalities of N’sele, Mount Ngafula and Maluku in Kinshasa. It is the pilot phase of a wider programme aimed at dissemination the crop in schools across the DRC. A number of teachers and youth clubs will be familiarized with the cultivation techniques and use of Artemisia annua, while also producing seed and cuttings to be distributed to surrounding schools. The project also comprises advocacy activities to be carried out by IDAY-DRC so that the authorities support the project’s extension once its efficacy has been demonstrated and once the local actors have a good command of the cultivation techniques of Artemisia annua.

Expected results
– Seeds and cuttings produced by 4 schools and universities
– The teaching staff and pupils of the partner institutions have a good commend of the cultivation techniques of Artemisia annua
– The authorities of Kinshasa and the Ministry of Education are sensitized about the added-value of Artemisia annua for education and health, and foster its cultivation in schools

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