Project 46: Improving the quality of education with school gardens

Country(ies) involved: Togo Children and youngsters supported: 11600

Improving the academic performance of the pupils by combating malaria and improving nutrition in schools 

Country: Togo
Children and youngsters supported: 11 600
Budget: € 134 690

Many Togolese pupils are affected by malaria and malnutrition. Malnutrition is related to a large part to the lack of highly nutritious fruits and vegetables in their diet. These two factors strongly affect school attendance and the learning conditions of the students.

The project consists of three components. It will start with the cultivation of Artemisia annua and fruits trees in 12 pilot schools gardens in 3 regions in Northern Togo. This will include the installation of irrigation  and rainwater harvesting and purification systems in each school. After the first two cycles, school clubs established in each participating schools will share their expertise with minimum three other schools. Lastly, the approach will be advocated for the government to scale it up nationally.

 Expected results
– Considerable reduction in families’ health expenditures (related to malaria and malnutrition).
– Significant reduction in malaria incidences in primary schools.
– Reduction of at least 50% in absenteeism by pupils and teachers.
– Community management of the cultivation of Artemisia annua and fruit trees.
– Raise in the enrolment of girls and boys at school.
– Improvement of school performances.
– Diminution of environmental degradation thanks to recycling and agro-ecology.
– Government support to the cultivation of Artemisia annua and nutritious plants in school gardens

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