Project 42: Improving the quality of education with school gardens

Country(ies) involved: Benin Children and youngsters supported: 565

Improving the learning conditions for the pupils 6 schools and homes by combating malaria and improving nutrition

Country:  Benin
Children and youngsters supported: 565
Budget: € 4 050

Despite the fact that primary education is free in Benin, the schooling and completion rates remain low. As many other African countries, Benin is burdened by malaria which affects school attendance, the learning capacities of pupils and in the worst cases, can lead to death.

The goal of the project is to contribute to improving the learning conditions for the puils. To this end, it intends to combat malaria with the use of Artemisia annua – known to be more efficient and less expensive than classical medical treatments – and to improve the nutritional status of the pupils. The association CAEPE-ONG, a member of IDAY-Benin, intends to initiate the cultivation of Artemisia annua alongside some highly nutritious crops in 2 primary schools and 4 homes for vulnerable children

This approach builds on schools being places where people meet, exchange and learn. Hence they are an ideal avenue for children and teachers who have learned to cultivate and use Artemisia annua to share their knowledge with their parents and communities at large.

Expected results
– Significant reduction of the incidence of malaria in the 4 homes and in the 2 primary schools involved in the project
– 50 % decrease in the absenteeism rate among pupils and teachers after 1 year
– Reduction of malaria-related medical expenses
– Decrease in drop-out, increase in academic performance and completion rates
– Seeds and seedlings are available toother schools andhomes

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