Project 37: Quality education for Talibés children

Country(ies) involved: BurkinaFaso Children and youngsters supported: 500

Turning Quranic education centers into formal schools offering appropriate education services

Country: Burkina Faso.
Children and youngsters supported: 500.
Budget: € 48 284.

The town of Kaya, located about 100 km North East of the capital city Ouagadougou, is home to 55% Muslims. Many of these families prefer to send their children to Quranic centers where they expect them to receive basic education according to their religion. These ancient education models are largely distrusted by the authorities and thus not integrated in the national education system. Moreover, the families that resort to them are often extremely poor. As a result, these centers lack the financial and material resources to provide quality education and pay the teachers, who often send the pupils to beg on the streets instead of learning to read and write. These children are called talibés or garibous.

In an attempt to tackle this issue, the burkinabè association AVAD, member of IDAY-Burkina Faso, intends to improve the quality of education and provide socio-professional reintegration to the Talibés. AVAD plans first to carry out a survey in the town of Kaya to take an inventory of the Quranic centers and the number of pupils attending them. Awareness workshops will be organised targeting the local authorities, religious leaders, the parents of the pupils, Quranic teachers and the civil society organisations in Kaya. The aim is to raise the issue of Talibés and Quranic centers and foster reflection on how to turn these centers into proper schools and how to integrate them into the formal education system in Burkina Faso. The Quranic centers’ teachers will also be trained on teaching skills, while vocational training classes will be set up in partnership with the municipality of Kaya to allow Talibés under the legal minimum working age to receive a training in the trade of their choice. Lastly, AVAD foresees to foster income-generating activities together with the families to finance the Quranic schools and prevent the children being sent on the street to beg.

Expected results
– The number of Talibés and Quranic centers in the town of Kaya is known
– At least 500 Talibés/ year are literate and master the French language
– 30 Talibés/ yearfromthe town of Kaya receive professional trainingquality
– Recognition of and support to the Talibés issue by local and national authorities become effective in Kaya and at national level.

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